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High Performance Mechanical Products

FIB is a specialised centre for the sale of mechanical equipment and offers the best solutions for industrial automation and the supply of large systems, throughout Northern Italy and in Emilia Romagna.

The company guarantees the sale of drive parts of the best brands, such as MOTOVARIO, LG, COEL, PCM e DINAMIC OIL, in order to always obtain the highest performance in technical and economic terms.

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Warehouse with stock

Warehouse also with customised stockFIB has a well-stocked and constantly growing warehouse, which is a great investment, synonymous with reliability and above all competitive delivery times. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software and the expertise of the warehouse manager, all goods receipt, restocking, storage and distribution operations are planned in detail. In addition, sorting, handling and related information flows are managed with the verification of all fiscal and administrative documentation Careful and strategic product preparation for the best resultCareful planning, together with detailed scheduling of supplies, makes it possible to dedicate and guarantee minimal stocks that are customised and [...]

Assembly workshop

Motor / gear reducer / accessories assembly workshopFIB's assembly and mounting department offers a highly qualified service in the workshop equipped for the testing of spare parts, where specialised technicians respond quickly to specific customer requests through automated assembly lines supported by state-of-the-art software. Working together towards successOur operators guarantee the highest level of quality and working precision both during the testing phase and during the automated assembly of the systems.FIB and the MAC '``Motovario Assembly Centre`` qualificationFor the MOTOVARIO sector, FIB has been awarded the qualification of MAC ``Motovario Assembly Centre``, and for the DINAMIC OIL sector, the title [...]

Spare parts /repair/ overhaul service

Spare parts /repair/ overhaul serviceFIB is a major supplier specialising in spare parts, repairs and overhauls for mechanical transmissions, ensuring timely availability of all original spare parts for the main industrial sectors: chemical, food, ecological, energy, mineral, shipbuilding, marine and metal. What we offerAfter careful analysis, the technical department proposes customised solutions and a complete overhaul programme for mechanical transmissions in order to identify the best parts to be used and to plan in detail the direct work to be carried out. In particular: - The condition and functioning of the devices, even large equipment, are assessed. - Recovery and [...]

Technical support

Technical supportThe FIB Group guarantees fast and specialised technical support in the area of mechanical transmission and motion control, especially for the overhaul, replacement and repair of high-quality components. We take care of your needsThe customer service department handles the customers' needs with the right skills and continuous training of all personnel; customers will be supported during all phases of the process and will be guided towards the resolution of the problem, even during the after-sales phase.Individual contact persons for every needOur staff will be happy to answer customers' questions directly in the office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. [...]

Complete package

Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic packageSpecific knowledge, gained in the mechanical - hydraulic - electronic sectors, supported by an extensive warehouse, enables FIB to offer customers a complete package for the handling and control of any application, even outside conventional standards, making FIB a complete, reliable and professional supplier. The future starts today with FIBFIB brings its professionalism to the design of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic installations using state-of-the-art systems and software in the industrial, wind and marine industries.We believe in innovationThanks to the teamwork of the sales and technical departments, FIB provides expert support through selecting mechanical products and drafting customised [...]


Targeted consultancyFIB meets customers' requirements in a timely and precise manner, through targeted technical and commercial consultancy in the fields of automation and mechanical technology.al technology. High-impact technical expertiseThe Technical Department team provides its experience and certified knowledge to research system parts and mechanical products, always with the aim of achieving the best performance in all industries, such as shipbuilding, marine, metal, chemical, food and energy.Mechanical solutions for new challengesFIB specialists are able to offer all customers comprehensive consultancy on the performance of the various mechanical automation products in stock. The proposed consultancy service is synonymous with reliable and efficient [...]

Special custom applications

Applications designed for every needFIB provides special custom applications for the mechanical transmission and motion control industry, which can be customized and adapted to every need. There is plenty of electrical control equipment from the best-known brands and a stock and assembly service carried out by the best experts in the industry. Custom electromechanical partsSpeedy and solution-focused, FIB meets customers' needs with customized mechanical designs, including large-scale designs, developed with pre-assembled and diverse parts made of durable, quality materials.Custom electromechanical partsSpeedy and solution-focused, FIB meets customers' needs with customized mechanical designs, including large-scale designs, developed with pre-assembled and diverse parts [...]

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Over 30 years of experience in selling mechanical transmissions.

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