Spare parts /repair/ overhaul service

Spare parts /repair/ overhaul service

FIB is a major supplier specialising in spare parts, repairs and overhauls for mechanical transmissions, ensuring timely availability of all original spare parts for the main industrial sectors: chemical, food, ecological, energy, mineral, shipbuilding, marine and metal.

What we offer

After careful analysis, the technical department proposes customised solutions and a complete overhaul programme for mechanical transmissions in order to identify the best parts to be used and to plan in detail the direct work to be carried out.

In particular:
- The condition and functioning of the devices, even large equipment, are assessed.
- Recovery and repair activities are planned through the disassembly, replacement and reassembly of equipment.
- Precise instruments and technologies are used in full compliance with the operators' safety.

State-of-the-art instrumentation

Everything is coordinated with the utmost precision and expertise to restore mechanical systems to their normal functionality, also through the application of state-of-the-art instrumentation.
In addition, complete repairs of certain parts are carried out with final testing, with the aim of simulating functionality and verifying the parameters of the overhauled part. This is all performed to the highest quality standards.

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