Warehouse with stock

Warehouse also with customised stock

FIB has a well-stocked and constantly growing warehouse, which is a great investment, synonymous with reliability and above all competitive delivery times. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software and the expertise of the warehouse manager, all goods receipt, restocking, storage and distribution operations are planned in detail. In addition, sorting, handling and related information flows are managed with the verification of all fiscal and administrative documentation

Careful and strategic product preparation for the best result

Careful planning, together with detailed scheduling of supplies, makes it possible to dedicate and guarantee minimal stocks that are customised and tailored to customers.

Continuous product restocking

By controlling, optimising and managing the quantity of products in the warehouse, FIB gathers the necessary information to organise the placement of stock resources and meet the needs of buyers in a timely manner. Everything is coordinated and planned in detail for continuous product restocking! This complex activity is followed, on a daily basis, by a team of highly professional staff.

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